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ROADMAPPING - Mission 2: Creating and communicating a roadmap that's actionable (Part 2 Only)
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ROADMAPPING - Mission 2: Creating and communicating a roadmap that's actionable (Part 2 Only)

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Roadmapping is a key aspect to every product manager's job.  It can make or break the success of a business and that's why we put some depth behind our roadmapping missions.  We cover everything from the inputs to a good roadmap and the process by which the roadmap is created, but also how to communicate it in a way that drives commitment in the organization.

Mission 2: Creating and communicating a roadmap that's actionable  (Part 2 Only)

This mission includes 2 out of the 3 sets of videos from our training inventory that take you through creating a solid roadmap and developing a line of sight back to your business' strategy and objectives.

NOTE:  This mission version is for folks that have already taken our customer foundations course.  If you haven't taken it yet, we recommend completing the full mission of learning. Find that on our offering page.

Mission Videos:

Part I:  Foundations  (NOT INCLUDED)

  • Start with the foundations to every product roadmap; persona, problem statement, and customer needs
    • Customer foundation Intro (15m)
    • Problem Statement Introduction (15m)
    • Problem Statement examples & Exercise (5m)
    • Crafting Problem Statement (11m)
    • Customer Persona Introduction (14m)
    • Customer Persona Picture Board Exercise (7m)
    • Customer Persona Breakdown (7m)
    • Customer Needs Introduction (22m)
    • Customer Needs Deep Dive (12m)
    • Customer Needs Prioritization (9m)
    • Customer Foundations wrap (5m)

Part II:  Process & Practice

  • Make sure your roadmap is connected to your strategy
    • Product Vision (14m)
    • Business Goals and Objectives (14m)
    • Product Strategy (15m)
    • Product Strategy Detailed Example (8m)
  • Learn about a clear process for developing and communicating a roadmap and getting leadership buy-in
    • Product Roadmap Intro (15m)
    • Roadmap Building (12m) 
      Roadmap process (11m)
    • Communicating Roadmaps (7m)

Total Time: 96 Min (out of the full 218 Min mission)

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