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ASKING TO BUILD WHAT? - Recipe 1:  Be confident in your existing product priorities
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ASKING TO BUILD WHAT? - Recipe 1: Be confident in your existing product priorities

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We hear it all the time... “My business leader [sub CEO, VP of whatever, GM, etc.] is asking me to build this thing that completely diverts us from our roadmap and is not solving a problem that we should be solving!  What do I do?” 

 We’ve been there.  We always hear about the “shiny objects” and are confronted with a decision we have to make.  Do I try and fit this in and how...or do I push back?  It can go either way frankly.  Sometimes the shiny object is just what you need to win in the market.  Other times it comes at a huge opportunity cost that must be communicated effectively.  Our recipes here touch on different aspects of the problem.

Recipe 1:  Be confident in your existing product priorities

Start with making sure you have a solid set of priorities.  If you don’t, then you don’t have much of a platform to stand on in terms of pushing back on the next shiny object. 

This recipe encompasses 4 set of videos:

  • Make sure you have clarity on your foundations
    • Customer foundation Intro (15m)
    • Problem Statement Introduction (15m)
    • Problem Statement Examples & Exercise (5m)
    • Crafting the Problem Statement (11m)
    • Customer Persona Introduction (14m)
    • Customer Persona Picture Board Exercise (7m)
    • Customer Persona Breakdown (7m)
    • Customer Needs Introduction (22m)
    • Customer Needs Deep Dive (12m)
    • Customer Needs Prioritization (9m)
    • Customer Foundations wrap (5m)
  • Do simple research to validate your assumptions...including assumptions that are driving product feature ideas you don't feel are important 
    • Learning Plan Introduction (13m)
    • Hypothesis Building (14m)
    • Learning Plan Build (6m)
    • Learning Plan Test (7m)
  • Practice the art of criteria-based decision making
    • Product Blueprint Introduction (18m)
    • Product Blueprint Template (9m)
  • Make effective backlog decisions so you stay on track for the big stuff if you have to add the little stuff
    • Backlog Estimating (16m)
    • Backlog Prioritization (13m)
    • Ongoing Backlog Management (16m)

Total Time:  234 Minutes

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