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Getting what we expect in customer experience and quality
Product Rebels Course Catalog

Getting what we expect in customer experience and quality

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Want to work better with your development team? 

This recipe includes 5 ingredients (courses and modules from our training inventory) that capture key elements of how to ensure that what you ask for is what you get...both in customer experience and in quality.  It's not in just what you ask for, it's how you ask, the relationship you have, and how good you are at understanding the needs of your development team.


  1. Learn how to set expectations and define the product management role
  2. Give your development team what they need to execute effectively
  3. Learn how to work within an agile environment on a day to day basis, getting the best out of your development team
  4. Manage your backlog in a way that your dev team supports
  5. Learn how to effectively partner with your development team

Note:  It's recommended that you follow the training courses in the order in which they are presented to optimize your learning.

Total Time:  4 Hours   

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