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Customer Foundations Course
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Customer Foundations Course

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Are you overwhelmed with ideas for new features? Are you trying to launch a new product and don’t know where to focus your limited resources? Are you struggling to grow an existing product? We can help.

    We know how, because we’ve been there.

    We see this over and over again:  A new product manager or founder trying to get his/her idea to market and struggling with all the great ideas and forms of the idea surrounding it. A product manager on a mature product trying to figure out how to get the product back on a growth path. How do I focus?  How do I know I'm picking the right idea?  What if we say no to the wrong idea and I fail?  What's the best direction?

    Not to worry, this foundational course is the step in the right direction.

    1. Learn how to define the problem your team is solving in a way that focuses you and your team.
    2. Quickly learn how to define your customer persona in a way that allows you to say no, with confidence, on ideas that just won't suit their needs.
    3. Learn how to prioritize customer needs so that you can launch quickly and learn.

    Foundations in getting to your MVW (Minimum Viable Wow product)

    These are the foundations for any product leader, manager, or entrepreneur with a great idea.  

    Course Specifics:

    • This course is conducted completely online and consists of:

      • Short Videos (5-8 minutes each)
      • Learning objective/goals for each video 
      • Templates you can download and keep
      • Supplementary reading that will reinforce concepts
      • Practical hands-on Exercises you can apply to your own product

      Take a quick journey through the 3 key customer foundations; your problem statement, your persona (target customer definition) and the prioritized set of customer needs.

      Approximate Time: 2.5 hours
      Video time: 1.25 hours


    • Problem Statement:  Our 3 videos take you through the following:

      • The value of an effectively defined problem statement and how it impacts product decision making
      • Examples of what not to do
      • A detailed real world example
      • And the formula in creating your own problem statement that will enable you to effectively focus your team on the "right" stuff.


    • Persona:  Our 3 videos take you through the following:

      • The value in effectively defining your target user and how it impacts product decision making
      • Examples of business-to-business and business-to-consumer personas
      • An fun exercise that gets your team started on defining an effective persona
      • A detailed discussion on the elements of a successful persona, setting you and your team up for creating your own quickly and easily.


    • Customer Needs:  Our 3 videos takes you through the following:

      • What customer needs are and what they are not.  You'd be surprised!
      • Ways to prioritize and communicate that prioritization so that you can get traction quickly, without rehashing
      • How to leverage customer needs in day to day decision making

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