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Product Rebels 12 Week Rebel Leader Course
Online Course

Product Rebels 12 Week Rebel Leader Course

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Get everything you need to become a kickass Product Rebel in one place.

This course is conducted completely online and consists of:

  • Series of Short Videos (5-10 minutes, mostly)
  • Learning Objectives/Goals
  • Templates you can download and keep
  • Supplementary Reading
  • Practical hands-on Exercises to use with your products

The course is designed to be taken in about 90 minutes-2 hours per week over 12 weeks (although it can be accelerated).

Here's what you can expect over the 12 weeks:

  • Week 1Getting started as a PM. What does a Product Manager do? How do you work with a product team; how to think about a product lifecycle.
  • Week 2 – Foundations. How to clarify and understand the problem; Understanding your customer and their needs.
  • Week 3 – Customer Research. How to best (and quickly) learn about your customer and prospects.
  • Week 4 – Customer Needs. How to clearly define customer needs & prioritize those needs.
  • Week 5 – Business Strategy. All about the business model canvas customized for a Product Manager.
  • Week 6 – Product Vision, Goals, Objectives. How to create a product vision & strategy; Understanding your competition.
  • Week 7 – Product Blueprint, Ideation. How to combine customer and business information to make effective, clear product decisions; Collecting and building on new ideas.
  • Week 8 – Learning Plan. How to create hypothesis based learning; How to create useful test plans.
  • Week 9 – Concept Testing & Minimal Viable Wow. How to develop product concepts;  translating results of your testing to requirements.
  • Week 10 – Design Specifications. How to create great design specs that your developers will love using.
  • Week 11 – PM and Product Development. How to build a strong relationship with your dev team and optimize your inputs to the dev process.
  • Week 12 – Net Promoter Score, Wrap-up. How to set, understand and execute on NPS goals for products.
  • (Optional) Week 13 - PM and Marketing.  How to contribute effectively to the marketing of your product.

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