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GETTING BUY-IN - Mission 2: Quick decision making tools
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GETTING BUY-IN - Mission 2: Quick decision making tools

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A product manager's job is tough.  You have to get decisions made across multiple functions and much of what you do impacts everyone in the company.  How do you do this when you don't have formal authority?  Well, we have tools to make it significantly easier and faster for you.  We cover different aspects of cross-functional influencing and partnership; from how to build your case for change to ways to get decisions made quickly.

This mission includes 2 sets of videos from our training inventory that take you through a great tool for effective and efficient decision making in any organization as well as some influencing skills help.

Mission Includes:

  • Identify the roles in the decision making process and make them know up front to make it easier to get closure  
    • RACI Decision Making Model (8m)
  • Learn how to drive decisions when no one reports to you
    • Introduction & Contracts (13m)
    • Negotiation skills for PM (9m)
    • Influencing others (6m)

Total Time:  35

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