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DURABLE DECISIONS - Mission 2: Quick decision-making tools
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DURABLE DECISIONS - Mission 2: Quick decision-making tools

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We've been through the pain of decisions being overturned because of differing opinions or people coming in new to the party or something shinier comes along.  Learn how to propose and frame decisions in a way that everyone can commit to even if they may not agree.  And get tried and proven tools in getting decisions made.  It's an art, and it can be done.

This mission includes 2 sets of videos from our training inventory that take you through a process that ensures efficient decision making as well as effective ways to influence cross-functional organizations, which is a critical skill of product managers.

Mission Includes:

  • Identify the roles in the decision making process and make them know up front to make it easier to get closure
    • RACI Decision Making Model (8m)
  • Learn how to drive decisions when no one reports to you
    • Introduction & Contracts (13m)
    • Negotiation skills for PM (9m)
    • Influencing others (6m)

Total Time: 35 Min

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