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DEV RELATIONSHIP - Mission 3: Making decisions that stick
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DEV RELATIONSHIP - Mission 3: Making decisions that stick

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We've been through the pain of decisions being overturned because of differing opinions or people coming in new to the party or something big comes along.  Learn how to start with decisions that everyone can commit to even if they may not agree.  It's an art, but it can be done.

This mission includes 5 sets of videos from our training inventory that take you through how the PM leads into the overall product decision making process effectively,  building solid decision criteria that enables shared vision, and the process of getting decisions made.

Mission Includes:

  • Know what's expected of you as a PM
    • Product Management Defined (15m)
    • Product Management in Team (18m)
  • Learn how to drive decisions when no one reports to you
    • Introduction & Contracts (13m)
    • Negotiation skills for PM (9m)
    • Influencing others (6m)
    • Ongoing Management (16m)
  • How to effectively partner with your development team
    • Partnering with Dev (22m)
    • Day to Day with Dev (9m)
  • Make logic-based product decisions that your team can commit to
    • Product Blueprint Intro (15m)
    • Product Blueprint template & Using (9m)
  • Communicate the product roadmap in a way that ensures understanding and support 
    • Product Roadmap Intro (15m)
    • Roadmap Building (12m)
    • Roadmap process (11m)
    • Communicating Roadmaps (7m)

Total Time: 160 Min

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